26. März 2021

Fr 10:00







Dieser Workshop wird auf Englisch durchgeführt.

The music industry has undergone massive changes in the past decade with many new digital technologies emerging. Digital platforms have become a key and sometimes the only market place where artists can connect with fans. Often looked at as time-consuming monsters, tech platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Facebook or most recently Tik Tok can become overwhelming to deal with for artists and their teams. And yet these same platforms allow artists to acquire more autonomy and connect directly with their fans. What are the right platforms to market on? What strategies will work best? What skill set will I be looking for in my team?

This workshop, addressing both professionals and DIY artists, will provide participants with a better understanding of how to come up with a digital strategy and the tools that are essential in digital marketing. Andreas Ryser (Label Owner Mouthwatering Records) as well as Marcel Hunziker (Digital Marketing Manager Playliveartist Ltd.) will present practical examples and deeper insight into artist centered digital marketing practices.


Marcel Hunziker

Marcel Hunziker

Andreas Ryser

Andreas Ryser